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Jealous Of Drake Freestyle by Jarren Benton

  Jarren Benton

You better lay low
So high that I'm wondering where the day go
I'm jealous of Drake cause he stuck his dick into J. Lo
These hoes think they're angels with halos
Til a week after you fuck 'em
Your dick feel like lava and fuego
Take a moment of silence for a fuck you Kato
Hit the puss and made the bitch do the fabo
Put cocaine on it, nasal
No this herb is not basil
Cooking crack like they Rachel Ray
Come from the east of the A
I know some G's in the bay
Cross 'em, they squeezing the K
Ching-cha-ching-cha-ching, bitch it's that cheese in the bank
Used to be on FV with Hopsin and Dizzy
SwizZz and DJ Hoppa, no the top is not friendly
I'm sending shots to your Bentley
My soul jaded
A nigga should be smacked if you think Pac was overrated
Now back to your scheduled program
I don't fear no man
This is that crack Lamar Odom
Yeah bitch, you owe him head on the first date
Do it cause it's my birthday
I need meds in the worst way
Buried in dirt
Pockets stay on Gerald Levert
Millennial niggas bitches, now they carry a purse
What the fuck

Hey man, fuck a hook right now man. Let me just take a moment to say thank you to all the fans man. Thank you for all the support. Thank y'all for following a nigga on all these social motherfucking networks. Thank you coming out to the shows. I appreciate y'all, y'all could be doing anything in the world but you're wasting your time with me baby. Jarren motherfucking Benton. Fuck it, I'm a go back in. Should I go back, fuck I'm going in, alright

Hate on my side hoe, a side show
Kush got my eyes low
I only count to 49, I don't fuck with 5-0
Everything is fire, pussy nigga I'm a pyro
Standing by the pyramids in Cairo with a rifle
God blessed the trap niggas
What about the rap niggas
I don't dap niggas, I just cock back and slap niggas
Perhaps I'm one of the few niggas in Atlanta that don't stick like Pepé Le Pew
I never cared for reviews
I put your head in a noose
The media is a liar, got you fuck niggas scared of the news
I think I'm better than you
Pistol on me, let 'em get through
These niggas a bunch of speds what the medicine do
Ain't no one ever listens to you
Young niggas a bunch of talk like the bitches from The View
I take groupies on the bus, let them bitches bone the crew
Tell my main bitch you got me, know this dick belongs to you

Hey shout out to my nigga [?] for letting me record in his basement man, on this white boy shit. Glass of milk and a bunch of cats. Shout out to my leg for being fucked up man. I still love this hip-hop shit though. We out